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Personal online therapy is your fast track to healing and can help you find the peace and happiness you really want.

Enjoy personal, confidential, and effective therapy sessions to overcome what you are facing, transform your thoughts and emotions, and create a life free from anxiety and trauma.

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High Succesrate - Effective Therapy

Stine Reib

"We cannot thank Felice enough because my daughter is happy again, she is self-confident, she now believes in herself and her worth and she does not feel or experience any of the destructive anxiety or lack of self-belief."

Pia Christiansen

"Felice helped me get rid of my anxiety and thanks to Felice's help I quickly gained peace of mind and the strength to move on with life.

In addition, he is the sweetest and most inspiring person I have met in a long time.❤️"

Josephine Bjorn

I don't experience any anxiety or panic attacks anymore.

I am eternally grateful and I give the warmest recommendations!"

Imagine yourself completely free from your current limitations.

Get the help you need to take back control and break free from anxiety and trauma.

You only need one clear path to be able to move on, and you only have to stay on the path and keep going, to reach your goal.

Problem is that most people experiencing anxiety and trauma have no clear path forward.

I will help you and guide you and keep you on the path, so you can reach the goals you are dreaming of.

Personal therapy will help you overcome your limitations and help you stay on the path and overcome any obstacles that you may encounter.

Personal therapy is extremely beneficial and helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions, overcome personal limitations and heal from trauma and anxiety.

Where many modalities focus on managing the symptoms, my method focuses on dissolving the root cause of the problem. This is what makes my method so effective and why I am able to help, even when other things have failed.

Do you want to:

  • Break free from trauma and anxiety.
  • Create a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Learn how to control your thoughts and emotions so they don't control you.
  • Feel calm and relaxed in situations that would normally trigger difficult emotions.
  • Feel self-confident, secure, and peaceful inside?
  • Learn how the mind works and use that knowledge to create a better life.
  • Find peace with difficult emotions and learn how to dissolve them.
  • Make your mind work for you, instead of against you.

I can help you heal the root cause of trauma and anxiety, help you better your relations, show you the truth about how your mind works, teach you important skills, and support you in creating a better life:

*Confidence building

*Self-esteem boosting

*Anxiety relief and treatment

*Fears and phobias

*Relationship issues.


*Pain management

*Sexual issues




*Sleep disorders

*Stress reduction

*Weight loss





*Anger management


*Eating disorders

*Exam nerves

*Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

*Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Book a free discovery session and learn more.

If you are thinking about starting personal therapy, I would like to invite you to book a free consultation with me.

Finding the right therapist can be complicated and since therapy is a process largely based on trust, it is important that you feel secure in your choice of therapist.

During the free consultation, you will get answers to all your questions and we will get to know each better.

Creating a strong foundation is important and that is why I have decided to offer you a free consultation, to begin with.

I can help you, but YOU have to take the first step.

Are you curious and do you want to know more?

Book a free discovery session now.

Frequently asked questions.

What methods do you use and what are your qualifications?

When working with personal therapy I use a combination of different therapies to help you through your healing and transformation.

My approach is holistic, and both cognitive and somatic, meaning that it deals with both the body and mind.

I have a background as a hypnotherapist and I am fully trained in several other modalities as well, such as NLP, CBT, Mindfulness and more.

I also work with craniosacral therapy, breathwork and bodywork.

I have developed a solid method for dealing with anxiety and stress and have used this method to help hundreds of clients through personal therapy, break free from anxiety and resolve deep trauma.

I also teach psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and meditation.

The clients that choose to enrol in a personal therapy program experience some of the best results in the field of psychotherapy and my success rate is generally very high.

Where many therapists focus on long-term talk therapy (that often takes years to create real results) I use a method that works with the unconscious mind and that focuses on healing the root cause of the problem.

This method is much faster and much more effective than traditional talk-therapy.

Am I eligible for therapy?

I work with all kinds of people, dealing with all kinds of problems, however, I do not work with children below the age of 13 and I do not work with people who have an active psychosis.

Let us talk together and let me hear more about your situation.

How many session will I need?

This is a very difficult question to answer until I know more about your situation, but my clients generally reach their initial goal within 5 to 10 therapy sessions.

What can be treated?

Anxiety and trauma.



Guilt and shame.


Relationship issues.

Self-esteem and self-confidence.

Stress and overthinking.

+ Other trauma-related issues.

How are the sessions held?

Online therapy is held through google meet and you will receive an email with a direct link to the virtual therapy room.

Simply click the link in your confirmation email and you are all set.

A session is normally 1½ hours.

How can I book a session?

To book a

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